Siberian Husky Puppies Merry Christmas Pictures
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Allegro Siberian Huskies,wishes you all a very Merry Christmas 
and Happy Holidays. We thank all our new husky parents !

We will see you next year. Prosperity and Peace! May you all be Blessed

husky puppies  siberian pups
December's Dance 
Winter orchestrates the dance In chilling winds and biting air.
Snowflakes whirl and skip and prance.Waltzing wildly without a care.
Bowing swiftly to their mates,They turn and glide in perfect time.
Spinning on their magic skates,Across the frozen fields they climb.
Lilting measures rise and fall In time with flakes of white,

While all God's creatures watch the ball, Bedazzled by the sight.
When gradually the music dies, There's not a single sound
As small white dancers from the sky Take rest upon the ground.
Ava M. Plover

huskies wish you peace on earth
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black husky puppy

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siberian huskies living in Ca with Carol Malcom


siberian husky puppy pic***



Stoli now lives in WI with Deb and Glen Johnson

Soli Black Husky
Carol Malcom Shida First Christmas 09
Carol Malcom Shida

Ms B's Loves at Huskytales living in NY

Takoda is now after 10 years of wonderful life
with (Lori) in California,passed on to be with the pack in the cosmo's:_( My how time flies )

We love the letters back home and are blessed with our wonderful parents and guardians.

Takoda Siberian Husky





black and white blue eyed husky puppies

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Thank you for visiting our Siberian Huskies
Come back soon
< Have a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season
**We will see you next year**

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